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Master Your Day! Busting Misconceptions about Productivity

I can’t believe it’s April and we’ve already entered the second quarter of 2022! This is the time of year when it’s easy to get caught up in spring cleaning, and ramping up that to-do-list. But before going into full-gear and adding more things on your plate, please take a pause and read on.

After spending last week with some amazing women in the 5-Day Productivity Challenge, I wanted to share three misconceptions about productivity that can make us back-seat drivers instead of owning the wheel and mastering our days.

1) Time management is the key to productivity.

Yes, managing and tracking time is important. However, you could be managing time around the wrong priorities. You will get more done, but it won’t necessarily make you more productive.

2) Max out your capacity to be more productive.

In theory, this sounds great. Think about it though. If a container is at max capacity, how much more can it handle? Max capacity may also mean that there is no room for more.

3) Changing your habits makes you more productive.

Habit changes without inner changes will be short-lived and unsustainable over time.


Now that we’ve busted a few myths, here are some recommendations for being more productive in Q2.

Reflect on how you approach work. I've put together a few reflection questions to help get you started. Click here to test drive the productivity reflection. *No email address required.

Re-assess your goals. Ask yourself if those goals align with your purpose. Prioritize the ones that do!

Build awareness. Here are a couple of great reads that I highly recommend.

🥂 Here's to a productive and fruitful Q2! Let's do this!


* Interested in joining our Q3 Productivity Challenge? Click the link below to join the wait list.



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