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Barrier-Crushing Season is Here!

We’re two months into 2023. I know it’s not Spring yet. But we are definitely entering into a seasonal shift.

You’re about to reach the 66-day mark! 66 represents the average number of days it takes to build a new habit. By now you are starting to experience the challenges that come with adjusting your course for the journey ahead this year.

Let's talk about those hindrances that emerge during the first two months of the year and try to keep us from starting the year strong. This is not a fearmongering post. I will also share five ways to crush them!

The top five trending barriers that clients have experienced when setting out to implement a vision for their lives or businesses are:

  1. procrastination

  2. fear

  3. underestimating what it's going to take to get things done

  4. self-reliance

  5. having a fixed mindset

How can we crush these barriers?

Here are my recommendations:

  • Focus on faith-building thoughts.

  • Develop a hopeful mindset focused on growth.

  • Build your background knowledge and do your homework on new and familiar ventures as a way to intentionally prepare for what is coming.

  • Don’t assume that you can do it all on your own. Don’t be a lone ranger. Engage people in our village of support. Pay attention to and access the wealth of wisdom in your circle.

  • Be open to new ways of thinking, living, and working!

"You have muscle memory for overcoming!" - Belinda Jackson

Challenges and obstacles “develop your character muscles” (Stephen Covey). When you see any of the five barriers I’ve talked about here beginning to emerge, you can be prepared with an answer for each of them! As you use these barrier-crushing strategies you are developing muscle memory for overcoming!

Are you ready to build up your strategic thinking muscles and receive support in accomplishing your goals? Click here to purchase our digital Visioning Toolkit!


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