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Excavate Your Genius - There's Brilliance in YOU!

Thinking about your own growth and transformation can feel overwhelming. It can be challenging to take small consistent steps in the right direction every day.

Are you someone who writes down your ideas in journals or notebooks? Writing down your plans is a great first step to seeing your ideas come to fruition and holding yourself accountable. Identifying how your different ideas connect to each other is critical to developing a strategy, prioritizing, and making decisions to take action!

Unfortunately, if your ideas are disconnected and buried across multiple pages in different notebooks it is hard to synthesize ideas and make the connections needed to plan your next steps.

Dig into the genius buried in your journal pages!

Planning Tip— Synthesize & Connect

Here's a strategy to try... Highlight key ideas throughout your journal(s) and then start a new page that summarizes each of those key ideas! Work on one idea or concept at a time!

Use that summary page as an anchor for adding any new notes or ideas. You’ll start to see trends, find great ideas you may have forgotten, and get clearer about what your next steps need to be!

Developing a Planning Mindset

Want to learn some more practical planning tips that you can implement right away? Join me on Tuesday, November 15th @ 7 pm, EST, for a complimentary virtual workshop on Planning Mindset. #pictureitpossible #takeitback #planningmindset



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