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Friend, It's Your Time!

Friend, it is your time! I know... this is the time of year when boilerplate messages about resolutions pop up everywhere. My hope is that this is not just another post to add to the list of all of the cliche-copy-cat content that you may come across this month. I want you to embrace the statement, "This is my time!" I spent too many years hiding and not pursuing the GOD dreams and ideas in my heart and mind. It's my desire to see more people launching forward and winning in 2022.

I like to say that my "season of winning" began in 2016! It wasn't the year that everything literally changed around me. But it was the year that I made a decision to start moving forward and stepping out by faith. Yes, some of my steps were calculated and strategized. Courses, readings, and counsel are important and necessary. But a large part of my motivation and focus was tied to my identity and my faith.

When we are out of alignment with our purpose, we end up creating barriers that block us from moving forward.

When we pursue goals that are out of alignment with who we were created to become, or if we do not believe in who we were created to become, we keep hitting barriers and in some cases sabotaging our own progress.

Everything changes when achieving alignment becomes our priority.

This is a game-changer! In reflecting, I realized that in those moments when I "stepped out" to take action, I was actually demonstrating my agreement and belief in who God intended for me to become.

I have a feeling that you are ready for more? I believe it is your time. Yes, I said it again. When your mindset and actions shift to focus on alignment, this is the moment when YOUR TIME begins! And our brains are so amazing! The brain helps us to move forward and take aligned action steps!

When you present your brain with a visual of where you are trying to go, the Mirror Neuron Network begins charting a path to get you there!

No wonder I have seen so much success in my own life when I use visual journey maps to vision and plan action steps that lead to manifestation!

Click here to download my starter journey map. Use the prompts in this simple visual template to reflect and think ahead. For those who want to dig deeper, I created Your Possibility Year: A Visual Thinking Guide for Your 2022 Vision. Designed based on my own planning process, I integrate current research on goal setting, neuroscience, and visual thinking to help you get the clarity you need to take action.

In addition to the digital toolkit and journey map, you receive with your purchase, you'll have access to a six-week video course (delivered to your inbox) and a live Vision Mapping Party in January. I walk you step-by-step through reflecting on your gifts, passions, and dreams to mapping out strategic goals for your life or business for the coming year. If you purchase the Early Bird Bundle by December 3rd you save $50!

I believe it is your time. There is a part of the world that you are intended to impact. Let's go!


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