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A Season to Speak Life!

Do you find yourself lacking confidence or feeling low because of situations happening in your life or work?

I am all about building hope for the future, and showing solopreneurs, creatives, and purpose-driven professionals how to take action so that their plans take shape and materialize. But this can’t happen without the correct mindset.

This summer I have been working on my own thinking. Here's what I learned so far about the power of thoughts and words.

Understanding the power of your thoughts and words, and the impact they have on the world around you is a game changer!

Hope Mindset Thinking from a place of growth helps you to focus more on how you are improving in small ways every day, and keeps you from getting stuck on the errors you may have made or the one box that you didn't check off on your personal growth list.

Interesting Research

Dr. Masuru Emoto became famous when his experiments with water were featured in a 2004 film. His experiment involved speaking positive and negative words over water. Other researchers used various forms of music instead of spoken words. These visuals are a striking reminder of why we should be careful with our words!

Benefits This summer one of the Viz Think Lab community groups started a challenge to make positive “I AM” statements every day. Members shared that they are seeing a positive impact on their confidence. Here are some other benefits...

Speaking Life-Giving Words to Yourself Daily will:

  • affirm your identity

  • lift your mood

  • build your resilience to handle what comes your way

  • position you in a posture of gratitude

  • strengthen your faith! (Almost all of my statements come directly from the Scripture)


🎉 I am rooting for you and hope this message will encourage you to "speak life" more often or if you’ve never done it- give it a try.

🧐 Still Not Convinced that Your Words Have Power?

Watch a short video below about how I first started “speaking life” to myself! Although I was skeptical at first, it has helped me cultivate a "hope mindset".



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