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3 Ways Visual Maps Help You Get Clear on Your Vision

Vision boards are all the rage. Often referred to as inspiration boards, and creativity collages, vision boards come in many different forms. Social media is flooded with photos of collages made up of images, words, and quotes that represent a person's goals or dreams of future success.

As a visual clarity coach who creates vision maps with solopreneurs and authors, I've always felt that something was missing from the 'vision board' process. Aspirations and desires represented visually without connections to my big picture vision, strategy or tangible goals results in a board that is inspirational, perhaps, but far from actionable. Visual Vision Maps are in-the-moment designs, often based on a metaphor, that guide you through a variety of reflective questions or prompts.

Getting Clarity on Your Vision

Whether your focus is your personal life or a new business idea, visual mapping can help you recognize your brilliance, ignite sparks of creativity that fuel action, and inspire you to continue on your journey to achieve your goals. Here are three ways visual vision maps can help you.

(1) Quickly Make Connections: Mapping out your ideas visually helps you to look at your big picture ideas and detailed tasks all in one place. Unlike the endless lists, journals, and documents that are the go-to reflection mode for many of us, visual maps help you make connections and more easily identify trends, themes, and gaps.

(2) Ignite Sparks of Creativity: There's a spark that this process generates. Some people call it an Ah-Ha moment. It's a bit deeper than that. As many of the plans within your heart and mind are made visible you recall and refuel your passion. You'll be energized, which will lead to more sparks, connections, actions and new opportunities.

(3) Remember Your Why: Displaying your map, in its entirety or in sections, can motivate you on those challenging days when you experience a setback or become physically drained. Keeping your core ideas before you in your office, or quiet place will help you remember WHY you are embarked on this journey and refresh you with the strength to keep forging ahead to see your vision materialize.

Whether you are a career-changer, author, entrepreneur, researcher or full-time parent, having a visual representation of your reflection, ideas, and goals can help you to make your vision for your life, business, work or family a reality.


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