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purpose to passion

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Fire up your creative workflow from the inside out in 5 days! 

A 5-Day Intensive for
Kingdom Creatives &
Multi-Passionate Professionals


Hey There!

You didn't make it this far in your life and business without a lot of hard work! But you wonder if there's a better way… Maybe some things don't have to be this hard! Am I right? 

It's time to jump off of the hamster wheel schedule of work and obligations. The constant putting your purpose on hold month-after-month STOPS HERE!

Get clear on your divine assignment and your personal genius. In FIVE days, you will boldly embrace who you are to ignite your confidence. That confidence is the faith and energy you use to do the deep work. It's like fanning the flames of your purpose until that fire pushes you to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.


We've got to get practical!

Apply my POWER framework to create a personal success blueprint! This is how you turn your purpose into passion. 

By the end of the Challenge, you will have an action plan to intentionally live out your divine assignment each day!

And you won't be alone. There's a community of like-minded folks who will be rooting for you! 

Join other Kingdom creatives, business owners, and multi-passionate professionals in crushing procrastination triggers and fear. We're removing the foggy vision that keeps us from seeing our heavenly assignment manifested in the earth.

Get clear on your divine assignment & personal genius in 5 days!

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What to Expect
  • Live Zoom sessions each day
  • Private online community
  • Resource downloads
  • Interactive workshopping model
  • Virtual collaboration spaces
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Actively engage & easily access resources in our private community. 

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I know how you feel...


Hello! I'm Belinda Jackson, Founder & Visual Clarity Coach at Picture it Possible

I have loved helping people dream big about the future since my early career as a busy classroom teacher and mentor. When I transitioned to non-profit leadership I put my big dreams on hold to pursue, what I thought would be, a straightforward career path (coordinator, manager, director, etc).

And to a degree it was. More responsibility, larger teams, and a different pace of work. But I still felt like something was missing. I knew I was called to education but so much creativity and innovation were lacking in the organizations I served. It made me question the full scope of my divine purpose.


I started to explore ways to express my creativity and artistic skills. Through mentorship programs, hiring coaches, and plenty of prayer and study, I gained clarity about my identity and life vision.


Then I realized why I was so often triggered to procrastinate! I wasn’t aligned in my thinking about WHO I was and WHO I was called to serve.

I introduced these strategies to my clients and in the Visioning with God online community group.

The results? Mindset shifts that led to producing more in alignment with purpose. How? Through deeper self-reflection and recognition that productivity flows from identity - working from the inside out.

In this challenge, I'm busting myths that hold us back and sharing strategies that you can use to better understand yourself and create your own personalized plan to produce with focus - turning your purpose into PASSION!

the purpose to passion challenge

A five-day, live, interactive challenge
Here's What You Can Expect



3 Misconceptions about identity that make you a back-seat driver instead of owning the wheel and mastering your day.



The #1 myth you're believing about personal performance. Find your purpose-fit and stop identifying your genius and divine assignment with your job alone! You're much more than that!



Exposing the one-size-fits-all myth about SUCCESS.

Learn how to align your vision of success with your divine assignment.



Stop focusing on the fruit and get to the root.

Learn how doing the inner work leads to the lasting change in habits and mindset that you’ve been wanting to experience.



How lack of identity in life or business leads to

counterproductive behavior and prevents you from defining what truly matters. We're bringing it all together!

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