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making your words come alive


I had the vision to have the entire conference scribed visually. What happened during the next 3 days left not just me in awe, but the speakers and attendees as well.

Scribing is one thing, but being able to take words and make them come alive as if they are leaping off of the pages for all to see is another. The impact that it had and still has on me and all of the Believe Big Again Speakers when they saw their own words ALIVE is still impregnated in my mind.

Belinda's gift is unmatched and it breathes life into every event she transcribes. Her gift left an echo and imprint of excellence and captured a lifetime memory for me and those that attended. She is without question the best in the business and a must-have for your next event.

Mr. Felix M. Anderson,

Founder,Wake Your Successful Self Up™

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