The visual posters Belinda and I created together were great! I took them home and over time continued to reorganize some of the shapes and add notes. They were a living document for me. But, the posters were not the best part of the process. They were an output of what Belinda was really supporting during our session. Her questions feel like coaching.

I had been analyzing study findings for nearly a year and was a little too close to the data. As I talked through the major themes and their relationships to each other, Belinda helped me build a chronological graphic of those themes and draw out assumptions around what information I thought I needed to include for my work to make the most sense to others. Her questions facilitated me verbalizing a lot of thoughts for the first time.


I walked away with actionable items that supported my subsequent dissemination efforts, with conference and journal submissions shortly after! 

Felicia R. Truong, EdD/ Theorem Leadership 


​​Tel: +1 443 420 8006


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