Visualize Your  Life, Work or Project in a New Way

& Unleash Your Brilliance!


Gain Visual Clarity

  • Dive deep into your business, personal vision, or BIG IDEA.

  • Start achieving your goals through visual strategy mapping.

  • Making ideas visible during coaching uncovers your mission, identifies gaps, and creates a strategy to move forward.

  • Shift perspectives, see connections and uncover dynamics that have been hidden.

Check out our career vision mapping overview.

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Capture Big Ideas 

  • Capture core ideas and boost engagement with the power of words and pictures.

  • Visual meetings improve learning and comprehension.

  • Infusing visual facilitation into virtual or in-person group strategy sessions and vision planning builds community, improves buy-in, and produces new insights and solutions.


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Increase Engagement

  • Visually engage your audience during your next in-person or virtual event, conference, meeting, or focus group through the use of custom live scribing.

  • Live learning tools provide artistic flair and create a memorable visual representation of big-picture concepts and proprietary methodologies.



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Picture it Possible is ideal for...

Business Owners | Content Creators | Authors | Speakers | Coaches

Faith-Based Entrepreneurs | Non-Profit Organizations | Educators  | Students 




Meet Belinda

Founder & Visual Clarity Coach

Hi! I'm Belinda Jackson. I am so excited to work together to visualize your life, work or project in a new way. I believe pictures are a powerful tool for unlocking your genius and creating positive change.


Picture it Possible started with my own passion to help entrepreneurs, business owners, content creators,  authors, mission-driven leaders, and faith-based organizations mobilize their vision through the power of words and pictures.  I'm a possibility igniter! I love idea strategy: talking through ideas, concepts, and obstacles to visualize unique solutions, and systems. 


My years of experience and expertise in visual strategy and organizational planning give me a unique skill set that helps people stop ruminating on their dreams and start moving forward in them. With a background in instructional design, coaching, and education, I know how to help high-achievers simplify complex processes and cultivate thriving learning communities and experiences.


Let me capture your VISION with visual tools. Together, we will strategize your ideas & unleash your brilliance!

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I sketch while coaching to bring clarity to your life and business. Women solopreneurs hire me to turn their chaotic idea treasure chest into a curated visual roadmap that they can understand, articulate, and implement with ease.
"The Visual Clarity Coach"

Why I'm known as...



Don't just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

This experience was a dream!

It inspired me! It activated my imagination and made me look at my own work in a totally different way! 

Chief Executive Officer,

Bryan Meadows Ministries 


Belinda has this uncanny ability to listen to what you're saying and come up with the perfect illustration, the perfect artistic rendering, doodle, or drawing, to encapsulate what you say.


CEO/Chief Leadership Strategist,

Brave Leadership Consulting

Julia Winston


There isn’t a book, tutorial or app out there that can produce the amazing results like working with Belinda. The way she takes your jumbled thoughts and turns them into an easy to follow, step by step map, makes reaching your goal an attainable feat.

Jenon Wong, 




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Discover the power of visualizing your big ideas for your business, brand, or book concept.


Your Visual Clarity Consult includes:

  • A Pre-session Vision -Activator Questionnaire

  • 20-Minute Vision Strategy Call

  • Your consult Idea Sketch

  • Your Personalized Action Steps for Implementation

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