your vision of success clearly pictured

  • Say goodbye to idea overwhelm
  • Unlock new insights and solutions
  • Get a step-by-step map to move forward
  • Confidently launch your big idea

Business Owners | Creative Entrepreneurs | CEOs | Non-Profit Leaders 

Are you stuck with your idea?

I have lots of ideas, but I don't know how to prioritize and identify which one to target.

How do I get focused?

My business took off quickly. I never created a plan with a vision or mission statement.

Is it too late?

My participants have meeting fatigue. I want them to get the most value from our sessions.

Where do I begin?

I have a complex business model, but I want to be able to explain what I do simply. 

How do I simplify?



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Gain Visual Clarity

  • We sketch during coaching to make ideas visible!

  • Clarify your mission, identify gaps, and create a strategy to move forward.


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Organize Complex Ideas 

  • Visual templates to improve solutions for team meetings and strategic planning. ​​

  • Boost engagement, increase comprehension, and improve learning.

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Increase Engagement

  • Engage your audience during your course, virtual conference, meeting, or focus group.

  • Live drawing creates a memorable experience.

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Launching a business or non-profit is no easy task. But don't let that stop you! There is a genius solution in you that the world needs.


We help you to simplify complexity and gain the visual clarity and confidence you need to strategically step out and take action on your dream.


It's time for you to change the part of the world you feel called to impact! We're here to help. 


Why I'm known as...

"The Visual Clarity Coach"
Entrepreneurs and leaders hire me to turn their complex (and sometimes chaotic) idea treasure chest into a curated visual roadmap that they can understand, articulate, and implement with ease.

Meet Belinda

Founder & Visual Clarity Coach

Hi! I'm Belinda Jackson.  Translating your ideas into a blueprint to lead from is hard work. I sketch while coaching to simplify and bring you clarity. I am on a mission to help solopreneurs and leaders use visual thinking to unlock their genius to launch profitable businesses and grow thriving organizations. 

Many purposeful entrepreneurs and leaders get stuck on their ideas; they feel "all over the place" or can't see the big picture.

We create an easy-to-follow visual map you can use to simplify, remember and organize your big ideas. You gain more clarity and confidence.  Complex processes are untangled. Now you can amplify your groundbreaking message!

Whether it's a business vision or a social impact concept, stop ruminating on your dreams and start moving forward in them. 

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Don't just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!


CEO, Investor & Speaker

If you're on the fence about working with Belinda, get off. It is literally what you need to get to the next level and get the vision that you have for your business in full, living color so that you can actually go out and start implementing.


PhD, Asst. Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Education

Using Picture it Possible elevated our entire Greater Impact Leadership Conference experience. The graphic recordings were a conversation starter between sessions for attendees. We were simply blown away by the final product!



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Is this your first time hearing about visual clarity business coaching? This is a great place to begin! Discover the power of visualizing your big ideas for your business, brand, or book concept in just 25 minutes.

Your Visual Clarity Consult includes:

  • A Pre-session Vision-Activator Questionnaire

  • 25-Minute Vision Strategy Call

  • Your consult Idea Sketch

  • Your Personalized Action Steps for Implementation