Whether curious, shy, independent, strong-willed, or outgoing, all children need encouragement and support to see all the possibilities in their future as they develop their identity. 


But too often as caregivers we don't notice that our kids are struggling until there's a big event or meltdown. Then we rally to try to fix the problem. 


Fear, anxiety, loneliness, anger, and isolation are big emotions for kids to try to handle themselves. But you may wonder, "What can I be doing to help?"


What if there was a way to be more proactive and help children build their identity and cultivate self-awareness early on? Storybooks, family movies, peer groups, and bonding time with adults are all great ways to support children as they grow... BUT these supports don't work in the same way for all children. Every child is unique. To reach all kids we're going to have combine strategies and think out-of-the-box! 


Research in psychology shows that when children or adults have a tangible, concrete object that represents a future state, change of mindset or behavior they can improve the chances that the change will actually happen and be lasting!

We also know from brain scientists that thoughts and words directly impact emotion and behavior. What if I told you that there is an engaging, creative way to help kids build self-love, grow their faith and inspire them towards their future? Visual declarations make these positive ideas stick and inspire kids to have a hope mindset!

Think about a child in your life that touches you in a special way. You can see so much potential in them! You want them to be strong, bold and live their best life!


Possibility Imagined + Positive Statements + Inspiring Illustrations

Help kids step out of fear & into courage!


Imagining Possiblities

Think about a child in your life that touches you in a special way. You can see so much potential in them! You want them to be strong, bold and live their best life! 


Have you imagined the possibilities for their future? It's a huge task we know...

We've created a Declaration Generator tool to help you reflect!

You'll respond to questions like...

  • What key motivational word do you want to speak over this child's life every day? 

  • What makes this child unique?

  • How will their personality serve them well in their future?


A 12 question survey to help you create a life declaration statement for the amazing child(ren) in your life!



Your responses will create declaration statements, like...

  • I am brave. I do the right thing even when it is uncomfortable.

  • I have a bright future. I take things apart and put them back together so one day I can invent a machine that helps people.


Let Picture it Possible draw for you! 

We take the results from your reflection and create a personalized, inspiring piece of art that combines your words and pictures!


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Personalized Visual Declaration

- 4 personalized declaration statements

- choose from 3 background themes


Custom Visual Declaration

- includes child's caricature

- 4 personalized declaration statements

- choose from 3 background themes 


Carson's grandma gifted this custom visual declaration. 

"Carson's visual declaration statement is based on a series John McKinzie did on Joshua). Carson LOVED his picture! He’s been showing everyone who comes to the house and wanted to sleep with it next to his bed."


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