Months before asking Belinda to lead a session for my group of local education professionals invested in social justice, I'd had several conversations with her about her passions. Nothing lit her up as much as talking about her work in visual facilitation. So, it seemed like the perfect fit to have her lead a session just after the New Year on goal-setting and vision planning using visual facilitation as a guide.


Belinda got participants thinking about their future plans in new and creative ways that just writing them down wasn't able to do. Plus, Belinda's wealth of tools, resources, and strategies allowed for an unparalleled level of choice and selection aligned with each person's individual style. As the host of the group, it was an honor to partner with such a professional, organized, and detailed session facilitator who I could count on to deliver excellence!

Alicia Robinson, EdPlus Consulting/ ReformEd


​​Tel: +1 443 420 8006


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